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Parent Consultations

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Coming in 2024! Bilingual Parent Consultations - Spanish and English!

Why is sleep so hard, why is there so much hitting and crying, or why is it so hard to say goodbye? As parents and caregivers we seek cooperation and partnership with our children, and this is sometimes difficult to find! You might find that your child’s behavior is tricky or not well understood. Sometimes you might find yourself struggling with your own emotional capacity to be available to children. Parenting young children takes stamina and resilience. And even when those two essential ingredients are available young children can tug on our capacity to understand and feel effective.

Understanding behavior

The goal of this support is to strengthen the parent child relationship in your unique family. This is not therapy rather a practical way to understand your child’s behavior.

Life events

There may be a new baby, new house or new school. Perhaps there has been an illness or a death in the family. Or perhaps there are deep financial struggles. We might notice the experience but don’t realize the way these experiences may feel to a young child. One on one parent consultations are a way to uncover what is felt by children and perhaps seen in behavior.

Caregiver tools

Through dialogue, inquiry, and information on child development and attachment our professional team will guide you into a deeper understanding of behavior, expanding your parent “tool kit” with compassion.

Complete this intake form to schedule a parent consultation. Upon receiving it, one of our Parent Consultants will call you at the phone number you indicated.

Or, you may call or email us for more information.

Email us: [email protected]

(805) 646-7559 (Ext 3)

How do Parent Consultations work?

Parent consultations are provided by trained, experienced, and compassionate professionals. Ideally a Parent Consultation happens during a time when parents or caregivers are present without children. However, if it is not possible to meet without children, our parenting expert can modify the format of the consultation to include children.

Consultations can take place at our center in Oak View, at a park nearby, or by Zoom or phone.

What is the cost a Parent Consultation?

The cost of a Parent Consultation is $140.  If you are in need of sliding scale scholarship, you may indicate so on our intake form.