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Anti-Bias Anti-Racism Initiative


Anti-Bias Anti-Racism Initiative for Early Childhood in the Ojai Valley

This initiative aims to provide adults, teachers, and parents with education and support to practice anti-bias and anti-racism at home and in the classroom.

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By focusing on the very young in our community at a time when their experiences shape their identity, how they see the world, how they develop empathy and treat others, and how they do or do not experience security, we can work towards a more just society. Between the ages of 2 and 5, children develop awareness of race, gender, ethnicity, class, and differing abilities. They develop biases as well. This pilot program will bring a coordinated approach to Anti-Bias Anti-Racism early childhood programming in our Valley, connecting experts, community, and curriculum. This program launches in 2021. It is partially supported by a generous grant from the Ojai Women's Fund.

If you would like to connect, share ideas, ask questions, or receive updates about this initiative, let us know!

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