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We offer these services to all who need it without regard to ability to pay. Without your help, secure beginnings would not be an option for those who need them.

Our Pillars

Secure Beginnings offers a portfolio of programs for families under each of four pillars:

Trained volunteers providing in-home support for new parents, reducing isolation and providing connections to early intervention if PMADs (postpartum mood adjustment disorders) are present.

Individualized, in-home 1:1 Parent Education with other trained leaders in parent/child relationship development.

Child-centered classes with our unique curriculum to support parents in finding their own way of parenting and relationship with their unique child.

Providing therapy services for young families, and creating and nurturing a network of therapists who are trained in postpartum relationship.

“Less stress – I’m more relaxed – more available to my baby and toddler.”

“I had no idea the challenges that were to come with breastfeeding and my daughter’s medical needs – my volunteer saved me.”

“I felt more able to bond with my son.”