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Social Communication Play Groups

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Social Communication Play Groups, offered by Early Learning Partners, support children to work on social communication skills, child-child interactions, transitions, and self-help skills in a natural learning environment. 

Children have the opportunity for indoor play, snack time, and outdoor play while caregivers learn ways to facilitate these opportunities at home and in the community. Parent Education is a component of our groups to provide family support in areas such as: limit setting, transitions, and tricky behavior to support overall parent-child attachment. Bilingual: English/Spanish. Our groups are run by a Speech-language pathologist, Early Interventionist, bilingual Speech-language pathology assistant and bilingual Early Interventionist to accommodate both English and Spanish speaking families with a 2:1 ratio to provide customized attention to you and your child.

Contact us: Email to learn more about our social communication play groups and other services for children 0 – 3 years old.

There is no fee for families for groups, as children in our groups are receiving this service as part of the Early Start program and may join our groups whenever the service is authorized as part of their Individualized Family Service Plan and exit groups when goals have been achieved or a child turns 3 years old.

If you have questions or concerns related to your child development, feel free to reach out to  to schedule a free developmental evaluation for your child to determine eligibility for services.

Goals for groups:


Increase verbal social interaction
Increase peer-peer play
Increase understanding and cooperation in transitions
Improve overall play skills
Increase ability to communicate needs and requests

For every parent and child to have a successful group experience