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Become a Volunteer

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Volunteer for the Newborn Home Visit program

*Due to COVID safety guidelines, newborn home visits are currently paused.

Secure Beginnings is looking for volunteers for the ParentCare home visit program. ParentCare serves families who have recently had a new baby and need extra support in the first months of the baby’s life. Volunteers assist in the home with activities that allow parents to spend time with their new babies, such as preparing a snack, going for a walk with mom and baby, or playing with an older sibling. Prior experience is not required, though a passion for helping families is strongly encouraged.

Our Simple Requirements

You must:
– Be 18 years or older
– Make a three-month commitment to a family
– Be available 2-4 hours per week for family visits
– Have your own transportation
– Provide information for a background check
– Attend initial training classes and monthly supervision meetings

What is ParentCare?

ParentCare is a volunteer-based service that assists parents in their own homes during the first months of their baby’s life. Our program screens, trains and supervises volunteers to go into the homes of parents with newborn babies to be of support.

Why is this important?

Every family deserves the support of its community when a new baby is born.
Mothers (and fathers!) need to be cared for so they can care for their newborns. New parents need quiet, they need kind supportive words, they need sleep, they need protected time to rest with baby, and for their chores to be taken over by others.
While post-partum care has traditionally been provided by extended family, many modern parents live far away from their networks of support, but the need for support does not go away. This type of care for parents allows babies to thrive.
ParentCare provides a circle of care around parents, so they can relax and bond with their babies.
ParentCare believes that secure early attachments are the basis for healthy adult relationships, so in nurturing the parent, you nurture the newborn, the family, the whole community.

What does a ParentCare volunteer do?

Parents know best what they need most and ParentCare is here to listen and provide it.

Here are some things a ParentCare volunteer may do:
– provide another set of loving arms to rock the baby
– offer kind, reassuring words and a cup of hot tea
– read a story to a jealous older sibling
– wash a few dishes

ParentCare is not a babysitting or maid service; but, occasionally folding of a load of laundry is the kindest thing you can do for an exhausted parent. Above all, a ParentCare volunteer offers a supportive presence without judgment and listens with an open heart.

How will you be supported as a volunteer?

All volunteers will participate in a one day training and support sessions before they are matched with a family. During training, volunteers will learn about baby care, parent care, the research about early attachment and brain development, self-care and have a chance to get to know other volunteers.

Our Secure Beginnings professional staff look forward to providing you training and supervision, as well as welcoming you into a community of service to new families.

What kind of person are we looking for?

If you are looking for ways to offer meaningful service to others, please consider applying to be a ParentCare volunteer. We value life experience and do not expect (but welcome) expertise in the area. If you have a calm and caring demeanor, an interest in learning, and an ability to listen non-judgmentally, please call us!! No experience with babies is required.

When do trainings start?

Trainings are held twice yearly. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information about specific training dates.