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Circle of Parenting

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Circle of Parenting

For parents/caregivers and children 0-12 months old & parents/caregivers who are expecting


Pregnancy and new babies bring profound transitions to families.

You are not alone. Questions may arise about a baby’s crying, need for holding, feeding and sleeping. Explore your role as a parent of an infant, how it feels, and what you need, while in the company of other parents and professionals. Join our group to learn about infant development, becoming a parent, and you and your baby’s journey toward a secure beginning.

Together we’ll build skills in observing and learning about your baby – understanding your baby’s perspective, finding calm, pleasure, and exploring baby and parent partnership.

This class includes quiet observation time, adult conversation where parents and caregivers can receive peer and facilitator support, and a brief singing time.

Want more? Join us for drop-in Park Days. Learn more here.

Session Details:


5-week session

May 6 – June 10, 2024

No class Monday, May 27, Memorial Day

Mondays, 11:30 am – 12:45 pm

Location: Secure Beginnings in the Oak View Park and Resource Center

Room 2, 555 Mahoney Ave, Oak View, CA, 93022

Session Cost:

$120 full session. Sliding scale scholarship available when registering. 

If you have previously attended a drop-in class, you can make a donation-based class payment  here.

Contact us at 805-646-7559 x3 or [email protected] with any questions.


Adrienne Hoskins & Siobhan McDevitt

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Would you like to make a donation-based class payment?

If you previously registered for and attended a class for free and would like to make a donation-based class payment, you may do so here.