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Online Programming

Online Programming

Parents in Secure Beginnings classes often feel a sense of relief when joining in the company of other adults. The simple truth is: we are not meant to parent alone. In this time of social distancing, let’s take a deep collective breath together.

Family Sing-Along

Singing, signing, moving, and dancing together bring pleasure, connection, and learning. Songs can also be used to mark important transitions in your child’s day such as hellos and good-byes, waiting, missing, wishing, and sleeping time. Drop in as you can, or attend them all.

Pandemic Parenting: Renewal & Reset

Parenting through quarantine is proving to be demanding unlike any other time. Parents may feel intense overwhelm, frustration and anger, and shame or guilt if not parenting the way they’d hoped. Your feelings are important and not wrong. Join Parent Consultant Carol Castanon for this one hour workshop.

More online classes (not currently in session):

Family Yoga

Parent Education and Peer Support

– Conversations with Carol

– Restorative Time




Video library:

Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages to see our first video features in our curated library of songs and stories delivered online, focused on supporting emotional regulation, narrating experiences, and supporting stages of development. These can be enjoyed together again and again.


Additional Secure Beginnings programs available online or via phone:

Parent Consultations


Latino Parent Support

Young Parent Support 

Breastfeeding and First Feedings call line

Our Free Diaper Bank is also operating during the time of COVID-19.


Your program fees help keep all Secure Beginnings offerings open while our site is closed due to COVID-19. 


“Each meeting with Carol and the other caregivers
was uplifting and boosted my confidence as a parent.
My experiences were validated and I now feel
better equipped to handle the unique stress of these times.”
– Online Programming Participant


More ways to reach us:
805-646-7559 (ext 3)

How do I apply for a scholarship?

For this session of online programming, please visit our scholarships page to determine if you  qualify for a scholarship based on your household size and income. When completing your registration form, please indicate the appropriate amount based on your scholarship eligibility.

How are scholarships awarded?

Scholarships are awarded based on income, using the Ventura County HUD guidelines, however we are committed to ensuring that all families have access to our services. If a scholarship amount does not work for your family we will work with you to find an arrangement that does.